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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  February 6, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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you gave us the space age... but your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age! earn more commodore with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! [ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?! where to sputnik? [ chuckles ] you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." good evening, i'm an note a rang low. the burning question tonight, where is winter? the bay area is basking in balmy spring like temperatures bringing out places like
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oakland. lawrence is here to tell us how long this will last. >> we had our winter start early, remember november. then around the bay area, it hit january and got dry. what a day today, record- breaking temperatures under a huge dome of high pressure. those offshore winds cranking numbers up and very impressive highs in toward the afternoon, check out the record in oakland. 81 the old record shattered of 68 degrees, 77 in san francisco, and 79 in san rafael. yup, this will probably be it for the record-breaking temperatures. more rain is on the way. we'll tell you when coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> all over the bay area people were outside and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. in places where you don't usually find crowds in february. ♪[ music ] . >> yes, this is the bay area in the dead of winter. >> this is sort of a rare
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weather for february so we're really liking it and trying to get some vitamin d. >> reporter: and with temperatures around 70 trees this family went all in. are you cold at all? >> no. >> . >> great day to be in pacifica and be on the beach without a parker like we normally have. >> reporter: another fabulous benefit for people who wanted to soak up the sun today, plenty of room on the beach. >> not a lot of people out because of the super bowl. >> reporter: but in the east bay plenty of people still made it to the park. >> i think today is a very good day for letting your kids go outside and play. the weather is going to be so nice outside. >> reporter: we don't mean to weathering, our sympathies to those dealing with a foot and a half of snow they just got in colorado or the treacherous roads in indiana, and good luck to those in ohio, where they are dealing with an ice storm. ah, yes, back in the bay where one of the few people not
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pleased with the temperatures is this guy. the warm weather is not so good for you? not now. >> reporter: his sweatshirts are normally a hot seller among ill-prepared tourists. >> nobody buying today. >> reporter: you're aware it's not normally like that in san francisco. >> i have been here before and it was cold. >> we've got lucky. >> reporter: didn't we all. anne mackovic, cbs5. a gruesome discovery in the south bay. the decomposed body of a woman was found this morning in the block of dan 'em lane. it's a dealershipsly populated block of row homes. it's not known if she was there for a long time and little is known about her identity and death. an 8th grade girl is missing. 14-year-old. the ulesa valdez is a student. the family is concerned because she did not come home from
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school friday and they haven't heard from her. >> i just want her to come back. your mom is worried about you. please call us or anything. >> we really miss you and always want you to be here with us so you know how much we miss you and how you're mom and your family is sick about you. >> she is 4 feet 11" tall, 115 pounds, and she speaks spanish. you're asked to contact police if you might know where she is. checking out other bay headlines, san mateo police are looking for the first death nation of a small explosive outside a business. the cause of an explosion came in at 7:00 a.m. south am equipment boulevard. now the device turned out to be something like an m-80 and it blew out two windows. the area was cordoned off for two hours while the bomb squad checked for more explosives. none were found. and a neighborhood in hillsborough is not happy with its new view. the college of san mateo has
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removed more than 200 large trees that shielded the to be inpark area from campus life. the removal was part of fire mitigation required by the fire marshal. they are requiring them to replace the trees and has started a pea tillings drive. fans are around the area are gathered to see the green bay packers take on the steelers in super bowl xlv. linda yee is at one party. how are the steeler fans doing. >> reporter: it's a bit quiet behind me as you can tell, they haven't been doing good all the game, a few minutes ago i believe the packers scored another touchdown. but you know what, these are steelers fans, they don't give up. it's a long way from pittsburgh, but even in 49er country, there are steeler fans and they know where to party. >> i love the steelers because of their -- just from '70's, a '70's team.
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they are beautiful. it's a steelers nation. >> reporter: at shanghai kelly's in san francisco they had to get here early or it's sidewalk viewing. but that doesn't dampen their spirits. why are you a steelers fan? >> back in the days, the 70s, when i was growing up, i don't know when you were growing up, but in the '70's the steelers were champions. >> reporter: the talk is all super bowl but there are some people who, let's say, are not really paying attention to the score. >> i don't care as long as there's drinking and fun, it's whatever. >> reporter: you are here to have fun you're not a football fan? >> i am but not a fan of either the green bay or steelers so -- >> and we're champions right now and we'll get number 7 today. >> reporter: how is it goin' for you today. >> so far so good. we're behind a bit now but --
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you're behind two touchdowns. >> excuse me, nobody asked you. >> reporter: there are so many fans, people love it, so -- >> reporter: what do you think the chances are. >> totally awesome, we're gonna win. >> i also hung out with some of the packers fans at another party down the street. even though they are celebrating and they are also nervous, but they say not until it's over. >> those are good fans. linda yee in san francisco, thank you. well the trial begins in iran for three berkeley grad, two of the defendants told the court on opening day. and a plan from bay area lawmakers, how a grass root effort is growing as the deadline approaches. ,,,,
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sarah shourd. shane bauer josh fatale. ,,,,,,,,
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heart of the protests in egypt today. the army fired warning shots in cairo's tahrir square, af gunfire in the heart of the protest in egypt today. the army fired warning shots in cairo's tahrir square after demonstrators got too close to the boundaries they setup. no one was hurt. meanwhile egypt's vice president met with the opposition groups today and
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offered more government concessions, protestors say they want president hosni mubarak out of office now. and the trial of three american hikers got underway today in iran with two of the defendants speaking in their own defense. >> we were in afghanistan as a tourist with josh and our friend shawn. >> shane bauer and shawn fattal entered none guilty pleas. sarah shourd was released in september on bail and she has not returned. they are accused of illegally crossing the border into iran and they say it was an accident, iran says they were spying. they are accusing the city leaders of abusing their power and they want them out. the group in hercules is a big step closer. don knapp is in hercules. >> reporter: after allegations of high-flying development deals gone bad costing hercules. >> milo: ions of dollars and a
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sweet heart contract from a city manager with a company run by his relatives they have said enough is enough. enough have signed petitions to force a recall election perhaps in june. while just about everyone else in herc you he's was at a super bowl party leaders of a recall effort were having a pea tillings party with the help of antoine young, validating petitions to make sure the 2850 names they have collected are enough to force the recall election. anton young says they were more than ready to sign. >> i think they are angry. of all the people we have asked to sign the petition, i would say less than 35 have actually not wanted to sign. they know about it, they are angry, and they want to do something about it as it is sense. >> reporter: the recall campaigners worked hard and fast, putting in a thousand hours at community gathering points and going door to door. the petitions claim council
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members donald clooney and joanne ward supported hercules city manager's questionable sweetheart development deals that cost overruns in the tens of mill i don'tions. >> as these things start coming out the fact that the former city manager had multimillion- dollar contracts with his daughters, those things made citizens mad. >> reporter: so it wasn't too hard to get the signatures. >> that's correct. >> reporter: council members katie an ward say that they are not responsible for the financial mess at hercules and they asked voters not to recall them. don knapp in hercules, thank you. so will we be spoiled with more spring-like weather? lawrence has the pinpoint forecast next. the favorite hang out for voters and putting boaters in jeopardy. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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roundup extended control - kills and prevents. "eyewitness news" is brought to you by roundup grass preventer. and the future for jack london aquatic center. the non-profit that manages the facility says it has had to hand management over to the city because of budget problems. that's because they slashed it by 70%. the city is now working with the non-profit to keep it open. a realize a lot of people are indoors watching tv but i hope they had a chance to go outdoors. what an amazing weekend we had. >> it was record-breaking. yesterday 14 high temperature records go down, today another 11. around the bay area, smashing records outside. gorgeous out there, i hope you enjoyed it folks. next weekend i think we're
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going to be lucky to get into the 60s in parts of the bay area. we'll take you out live right now, mostly clear skies, pretty cold down below. pretty gusty winds overnight. offshore wind blowing in the hills, gusts to 50 miles per hour crossing the mountaintops. but yeah, those are calmed way down now and high pressure still in control but showing signs of weakening a bit,s that weakens, we'll see a sea breeze develop and cool down the temperatures. still what a day it was. tomorrow we're gonna see a nice day, temperatures going to be noticeably cooler, highs out there. 67 0's, 70s in parts of the interior, inside the bye 60s and 70s. up the coast patches of fog, in the afternoon, sunshine. records everywhere you went. record in santa rosa 83, a record of 81 degrees in oakland. record in san francisco at 77, record at 77 in san jose, you get the idea, very unusual day as we continue to bask in the sunshine, of course they are seeing the freezing
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temperatures, the record knows in other parts of the country. numbers out there still comfortable as you are headed out the door. 70 degrees in san jose, 72 in oakland, 71 degrees in san ra fell. cool 55 degrees in pacifica. around the state temperatures starting to come down just a bit. 60s in toward the central valley, plenty of sunshine here. high country looking good. plenty of 50s there, changing in the atmosphere, high pressure showing signs of weakening, a huge dome of high pressure overhead, then you get the cold front over top of the ridge, to help start weaken that. instead of that offshore wind a sea breeze developing. coming off the ocean waters, that will help to slop down the temperatures in the bay area, that cool breeze at least for a day, still comfortable in many spots, sunshine beside the bay. ofs and 70s, upper 50s to low 60s out toward the coastline, temperatures up toward the 60s, also 70s, north bay no 80s for
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tomorrow afternoon. afternoon.(july10.ecl) ,,
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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. well this is not football weather, this is golf, basketball, baseball weather. unfortunately for us the kings didn't have it. >> darren sil ingear, you hope he keeps the hot hand, ride him into the ncaa tournament ] >> remind me because i do it this way and then i fill it out. >> you win every year. all right. we're a little more than a month away from march madness and there is still only 1 team undefeated, the ohio state. number 18, minnesota could have used kevin mccale today. first half off the turnover. the buckeyes push it the other way. darren selling gear is rewarded for running the floor. buckeyes up 9. sell ingear
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gets it done on the glass, missed the three, goes back for two and the foul. 18 points and three rebounds for sell ingear. he can do more than score. he finds dallas lauderdale for the open look. all five buckeye starters scored in double figures. ohio state makes it 24 straight winning 82-69. clippers taking their talents to south beach. speaking of talents blake risks sop, give him the rookie trophy already. griffin records his 42 under double double on the year. chris bosh returns the favor on the other end. they led by 16 early, the heat started the fourth quarter on an 18-4 run. dwayne wade led the way with 28. lebron james scores a season low 12. heat wins by 20.
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marquis daniels suffered a bruised thigh and may miss two months. the celt lid by 10, here it's at 18. the magic didn't have an answer for rajon rondo. he goes down the lane for the hoop and the foul. two of his 26. the celtics win 91-80. the pga returns to northern california this week for the pebble beach national pro am. guy playing this weekend will be stuck in arizona a little while longer. all week in phoenix, this guy doesn't want to touch the ground, tommy gainey has been walking on air all week. the former nation-wide player known as tommy two gloves pretty self-x plan torrey. young gun ricky fowler is hard to miss wearing his fluorescent pink ensemble. this is his second shot at the par 4 ninth hole. right into the cup for an eagle. mike wilson currently leads at 18 under par, he'll finish up tomorrow. it's not a sport that fills the bleachers on friday night but for one 16-year-old high
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school student race-walking piping be his ticket to the olympics. >> people don't really know what it is. so they get me to demonstrate what it looks like and everything. they know i'm one of the best. >> at 16 tyler sorenson is barely a man but he walks like one. he is one of the premier race walkers in did country. the rules aren't hard, there's only two. >> one foot has to be on the ground at all times, 2, your leg has to be straight when it lands on the ground. >> reporter: sorenson got started when he was 9, all because of a little sibling rivalry. >> yeah, i mean she was my younger sister and she won the jr. olympics and i hadn't. >> he walks miles faster than most can run them. recording times good enough to compete in olympic qualifiers. what teenagers looks up to guys like this guy.
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>> jefferson is from ecuador, he is famous in ecuador because he was the only olympic gold medalist for that country. yeah, it's not very popular here in the u.s. really. ♪ [ music ] >> what country? russia it's popular there. if i wanted to i could probably go, do 5 olympics in a row. if i really wanted to extend my career as long as i could and didn't get injured. >> he has his sites set on the 2016 games in rio dejannero but don't count out 2012. he recently moved from lafayette to san diego to be closer to his coach. they train by walking 60 to 70 miles per week. >> there is a lot of time i put into it. >> there are about 40 competitive race-walkers in the u.s. but in high school being different doesn't always translates into being popular.
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>> my friend trevor veron quit for a year because he just was getting annoyed by people making fun of him. but no problems like that here. so -- >> tom brady has been named the nfl's most valuable player. it's his second time named the mvp. and a first, he was the new than mouse first getting all 60 votes. the giants won it all back in november and the only people who really haven't gotten to enjoy the trophy are the players. >> yesterday we shot a couple of commercials and i got to actually look at it and hold it and i hadn't done that since november 1st when we won. you know, it's more busy than any of us, you know, goin' here and there and everywhere, and you don't get a chance to actually sit there and just, you know, take it all in. >> you can hear the rest of my one-on-one interview with cody
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ross tonight at 11:30 plus a lot more. >> big day in sports, okay. thank you. yes. 1200 people, a 21-gun salute, all this to celebrate the 100th birthday of president ronald reagan, how they remember the gypper tonight on cw11 and here on cbs5. if you have stuck with us on this newscast, thank you, 60 minutes is next. it is on c sss, have a great night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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